Best Practice Guidelines 2016 Activities

In 2016 Best Practice Guidelines Committee worked on:

  1. Price Guidance – A sub-committee headed by John Postle has completed its work which can be found on the CIM website and an article on this was published in CIM Magazine.
  2. Cost Reporting – This sub-committee was focused on providing guidance and consistence with respect to project cost reporting, particularly in light of the recommendations by the World Gold Council. Work stalled but has been restarted. Special thanks are extended to Graham Clow for his efforts on the best practices for cost reporting sub-committee.  
  3. Advanced Studies – Best Practice Guidelines are being formulated to cover advanced studies, namely Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA), Pre-feasibility Study, and Feasibility Study. Greg Gossan and Stella Shearson of Amec Foster Wheeler are heading this effort.
  4. A one-day 3rd-/4th-year course created by Geoscientists Canada at the request of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) to CIM has been created and was launched in September 2016. It has been distributed and being offered in all provinces.
  5. At the request of the CSA the BP committee is looking at creating guidance related to “exploration targets”.