August 2007

President's notes

Be safe to be sustainable

By J. Popowich

A few weeks ago, Heather (your editor-in-chief) and I were discussing themes for future issues of your CIM Magazine. This was following the recent, successful CIM Conference in Montreal and, in particular, the John T. Ryan safety awards. It was a real pleasure to be at the awards celebration and see the pride on the faces of the award recipients. I want to again personally congratulate everyone for their achievements; however, as we all know, it is the employees at the safety-conscious site that are the real winners.

A short while later, there was a TV clip on a national station covering the recent Saskatchewan mine rescue competitions in Saskatoon. Interviews with team members, and especially the spouses, on the value of the mine rescue system again made me proud to be associated with an industry that works hard to look after each other and to be ready when incidents happen. It is also a part of my belief that an industry needs to be safe to be sustainable.

So why not have an issue dedicated solely to safety? Heather’s response was “we integrate safety into everything we do and as such try to make it a part of every article.” And I could not agree with her more. Safety is part of our and our family’s everyday lives - at work, at home, and at play! Let’s continue to work hard to keep it that way!

Congratulations again to the John T. Ryan award winners. You will see more about them in this issue. We are PROUD of YOU!

Jim Popowich, CIM President

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