CIM News

Sleuthing, cruising and teeing off

CIM’s Northern Gateway Branch uses a range of activities to raise awareness and rally support. By R. Slack

A swinging good time

CIM's Harricana Branch holds its annual golf tournament. By J.-F. Lagueux

Exploring the scene

CIM’s Red Lake Branch conducts its annual review of the latest developments in the industry. By C. Storey

From the ground up

The winner of the Order of Sancta Barbara is reshaping the public’s perception of mining. By R. Pillo

Plenty to sink your teeth into

CIM unveils its new lineup for the 2009-2010 Distinguished Lecturer season. By R. Pillo

United we stand

CIM’s new One Membership initiative promises streamlining, solidarity and synergy. By M. Kerawala

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