Supply Side

The importance of advertising in tough times. By J. Baird

Eye on Business

Bill C-300 threatens Canada’s international extractive sector. By M. Bourassa with C. Todd

MAC Economic Commentary

Canada’s trade and investment policy priorities. By P. Stothart

First Nations

The HR challenge in Aboriginal territories. By J. C. Reyes


Integrating people, processes and technology for success. By L. Mottola


CIM input into NI 43-101 amendments. By D. McCombe and J. Postle

Student Life

Students discover link between particle physics and the Canadian mining industry. By A. Giles and M.-A. Simard

HR Outlook

The numbers are telling: There is a consensus on the emergence of an HR crunch, but how do we predict its extent?. By S. Polowin

Engineering Exchange

Sinking to new depths: Close coordination and clever scheduling helped Dumas sink a winze shaft without interrupting production. By M. Eisner


The shifting face of the new economy and the mining industry. By K. Lendsay

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