MAC Economic Commentary

The competitiveness of mineral processing in Canada. By P. Stothart

Supply Side

Coping with the stronger Canadian dollar. By J. Baird

Engineering Exchange

Innovation at work: Novel tailings management allows Minto to proceed on schedule. By H. Ednie

HR Outlook

Looking ahead to 2020: New resources help industry forecast hiring requirements. By R. Montpellier

Eye on Business

How to establish a due diligence defence. By R. Cooper


The Canada Mining Innovation Council: Update on accomplishments. By T. Hynes

Women in Mining

Making it in Canada’s North: Armstrong turned a lifelong dream into reality. By H. Ednie


The evolution of standards: CIM tools fuel discussion. By D. McCombe

First Nations

Turning over a new golden leaf. By J. C. Reyes

Mining Lore

Soulis Joe’s lost silver: The legacy of a Newfoundland prospecting family. By C. Baldwin

Voices from Industry

The “gold standard” in human resources: Osisko’s sustainable development for a new generation of mining. By R. Mailhot

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