Guiding lights for the next generation of women in mining. By Ryan Bergen, Antoine Dion-Ortega, Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco, Eavan Moore

Dominique Dionne

Resource developer

Dominique Dionne | Vice-president of Corporate Affairs at Xstrata Nickel and the first president of the Quebec Mining Association. By Antoine Dion-Ortega

Outside the comfort zone

Heather White | Vice-president, mining, NovaGold Resources Inc.. By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

The standard bearer

Deborah McCombe | Executive vice-president, Roscoe Postle Associates Inc. and chairperson of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO). By Eavan Moore

A precedent setter

Dominique Gibbens | Partner at Fasken Martineau. By Eavan Moore

Skilled builder

Leanne Hall | Vice-president, human resources, Noront Resources Ltd.. By Eavan Moore

Inspiring change

Anne Marie Toutant | Vice-president, oil sands optimization and integration, Suncor Energy; director, Mining Association of Canada. By Ryan Bergen

Defining success

Darlene Cheechoo | President, CREECO Dumas Mining. By Eavan Moore

Mine rescuer

Julie Lassonde | President and CEO, Shear Diamonds Ltd.. By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

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