Supply Side

When will Canada realize that we must diversify beyond the U.S. market?. By J. Baird

MAC Economic Commentary

The good, the bad and the need for more: Federal Budget 2010 tabled. By P. Stothart


CMIC federal funding: Report provides quick access to opportunities for mining industry. By H. Ednie

HR Outlook

Bridging the gap: Work readiness program helps employers address critical HR challenges. By L. Forcellini

Eye on Business

The Supreme Court of Canada Red Chris ruling may impact mine developments. By C. Kazaz


Nickel mine turns safety record on a dime. By G. Woodford

Women in Mining

Passion turned career: Goldcorp’s Valerie Pascale is making her mark on CSR. By H. Ednie

Engineering Exchange

Engineering for change: New Afton requires flexible design and planning. By H. Ednie

Canadians Abroad

A multinational marathon of a career. By H. Ednie

Student Life

Think beyond the resumé: Valuable experience and contacts are gained through student involvement. By J. Gonzalez


NI 43-101 and the metallurgist: The role metallurgists play in the disclosure process. By G. Gosson and T. Lipiec

First Nations

Avatar: art imitates life. By J.C. Reyes


Insert article's subtitle here. By Insert article's author name here

Voices from Industry

Coming full circle: Integrating global economic, environmental and social challenges into our core business practices. By L. Nehring

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