November 2006

Exploration and Mining Geology now under new management

By J. P. Richards

The Geological Society of CIM launched the journal Exploration and Mining Geology in 1992. The journal aims to meet a demand for more applied scientific articles within the broad sphere of exploration and mining-related geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and geomathematics, and fills a niche between other major publications in the economic geology literature.

Between 1992 and 1997, the journal was published through Pergamon Press, but since 1998, it has been published by CIM. The initial editors of the journal, Harold Gibson, Jim Davies, and Bob Whitehead (1992–1995) were followed by Tim Barrett (1995–1997). Jim Franklin took over as editor in 1997, and Jeremy Richards joined him as co-editor in 2000. Upon Jim Franklin’s  retirement from this position last year, Jeremy took over as chief editor. With the support of then-GeoSoc President Damien Duff and Publications Chair Dave Sinclair, and supported by the GeoSoc Council, a process of reorganization of the journal’s management and production was initiated in the summer of 2005 which has seen all editing and layout transferred to a new editorial office in Edmonton, and the recruitment of Lee Ewert as production editor. In addition, a new editorial board was recruited and a management committee was struck to expedite production decisions. Members of the management committee include the editor, the vice president and publications chair of GeoSoc (Steve McRoberts and Dave Sinclair), CIM Executive Director and CIM Director of Media and Communications (Jean Vavrek and Heather Ednie), and a representative of the Mineral Deposits Pision of the Geological Association of Canada (Hendrik Falck). Hendrik joined the committee earlier this year to reflect an agreement whereby GAC-MDD will adopt and promote the journal in exchange for CIM member subscription rates for GAC members.

Upon taking over management of the journal last year, production work was initiated in the summer of 2005, and Volume 13:1–4 (2004) was published as a single issue (“Mineral Deposits of Nunavut”; guest editor Ross Sherlock) late in the year, with Volume 14:1–4 (2005: “Rare-Element Mineralization in Granitic Pegmatites”; guest editors Julie Selway and Robert Linnen) being published in April 2006.

With the completion of Volume 15:1–2 (expected publication date October 2006), the journal is now back on publication schedule, and a special issue on the Bathurst Mining Camp (Volume 15:3–4; guest editor David Lentz) will be published later in the year to complete the volume.

Exploration and Mining Geology is thus demonstrably back on track in terms of publication schedule and is building volume in terms of issues published. We plan to maintain this trend, and are actively seeking submissions of quality manuscripts, the lifeblood and measure of any successful scientific journal. Information about the journal and the Guide for Authors can be found on the GeoSoc website.

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