Supply Side

The innovation imperative: Innovation in Canada and in the mining supply sector. By J. Baird

Eye on Business

The Yukon Court of Appeal on modern treaties and the duty to consult. By K. O’Callaghan

Engineering Exchange

It’s like setting up a town: AMEC’s work at Snap Lake goes well beyond the usual mine-building. By M. Eisner


Professional geoscience in Ontario: common myths and misconceptions. By A. Waldie


Safety, above all else. By C. Hersey


Monitoring mine reclamation from the air. By L. Brown, M. Martinez and G. Borstad

MAC Economic Commentary

Realities surrounding nuclear energy. By P. Stothart

First Nations

History repeats itself — lessons learned. By J. C. Reyes

HR Outlook

Mining for opportunities in northern Canada. By R. Montpellier

Student Life

From up North to Down Under: Innovative partnerships between industry and academics. By J. Wolgram


Insert article's subtitle here. By Insert article's author name here

Voices from Industry

Looking back — looking ahead. By Mike Vaydik

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