CIM News

Friendly fire in Fort McMurray

CIM and APEGGA join forces in student draw. By C. West

Keeping spirits high

CIM Distinguished Service Medal winner builds up enthusiasm. By R. Pillo

From point B to point B

The New Brunswick Branch holds its annual convention. By B. Rose

Northern branch back in action

The Yellowknife Branch reinvigorates itself with a barbeque and a golf tournament. By J. Heimbach

Golf anyone?

. By R. Slack

Developing excellence

The MEMO 2010 Conference will bring exceptional learning and networking opportunities to Sudbury. By M. Moore

Mentoring the next generation of industry leaders

The Sudbury Branch has a long tradition of supporting youth. By A. Tonnos

Deep-sea voice

CIM Distinguished Lecturer discusses seafloor massive sulphide deposits. By R. Pillo

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