Sept/Oct 2010

Editor's letter

Fall favourite

By Angela Hamlyn

Angela Hamlyn
Among our most anticipated issues, the annual Coal and Oil Sands-themed edition has served as one of the cornerstones of the CIM Magazine editorial lineup for close to a decade. There is no question that these two mammoth sectors have a stronghold on our national (and even global) economy and psyche. As such, they provide a portrait of the many issues, initiatives and indicators that will be — or ought to be — on our collective radar. So what better way to gauge the status of the broader industry in our après-summer editorial ramp-up than to take the pulse of these two vital sectors.

This issue is packed with stories about the latest developments, including operational improvements, economic performance, environmental advancements, innovative developments, and more.

In “The two faces of coal,” writer Dan Zlotnikov digs deeply into the two characters of the Canadian coal industry — metallurgical and thermal. He uncovers the different drivers for these powerhouses and what the implications could be for their prospects over the coming months and years.

In her feature, “Back in the black,” writer Gillian Woodford takes a comprehensive look at some of the hurdles the oil sands industry faces, and the changes operators must undertake as they are poised for major expansion and subject to growing scrutiny. Primary among these issues are project execution rates, environmental concerns and labour costs.

You will also read a lot about the latest innovations in extraction, tailings management, reclamation and workforce diversity in our Upfront and Columns sections.

MEG Energy Corp.’s Christina Lake project takes centre stage as our featured project. With a cache of fresh financing and an expansion plan in the works, this comparatively small operator has big plans for its in situ oil sands operation. Learn how a belief in the future of the oil sands provided the impetus to transform the early legwork in the covered walkways of Calgary’s business district into a project producing 25,000 bpd, and likely to expand.

On a final note, I’d like to acknowledge the stellar efforts of our dedicated and talented CIM Magazine editorial, production and sales team. Putting together an issue of this scope and magnitude — including dealing with last-minute changes during the dog days of summer — is no simple task. Even though the theme remains consistent from year to year, they have once again infused it with fresh perspectives and relevant commentary. We would love to hear your thoughts. In that way, you can also play a part in the continued evolution of this fall favourite.

Angela Hamlyn,

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