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CIM Journal welcomes original papers in English or French. Submissions are assigned to a CIM Technical Society for double-blind peer review. Our authors and audience are international in scope. Topics covered in CIM Journal include geology, mining, processing, maintenance, environmental protection and reclamation, social responsibility, mineral economics, project management, health and safety, risk management, research and development, operations, and regulatory practices and issues. We also publish periodic special-themed issues.
Join forces with some of the brightest minds and share your expertise by submitting a Technical Paper to CIM Journal, or volunteer to be a peer reviewer. Peer reviewers play a key role in maintaining the high quality of our CIM technical publications.
The Submission Process
  1. Format your manuscript according to the CIM Guide for Authors and Paper Template.
  2. Download, complete and sign the CIM Copyright Form.
  3. Log in to your CIM account (forgot your username or password?) or create an account.
  4. Once you are logged in:
  5. a) You will be redirected to the homepage. Click on the Paper Submission link located in "Quicklink" Box to the right of your screen

    b) Scroll down to "Other Available CIM Services" and register as a Peer Review Author.

    c) Click on "Peer Review Author" in your Registered CIM Services. This will take you to the Author dashboard.

    d) Click on "Add New Paper."

  6. Submit your paper and signed copyright form.
  7. Receive the review decision in approximately 2 months. Papers may:

       • be accepted with minor revisions;

       • require revision and re-review; or

       • be rejected.

  8. Notify the technical paper coordinator whether you would like to publish a preprint of the paper in the CIM Technical Paper Library.

  9. Authorize publication of final paper.


Contact the CIM Journal 
Technical Paper Coordinator
Janice Burke, at