District Distinguished Service Awards

For significant contribution to the mineral industry and CIM Branch

The Institute, at the instigation of W.M. Gilchrist, President (1974-75), has made available three District Distinguished Service Awards (Western, Central and Eastern District) to recognize the contributions on a District level of the many Institute members who have significantly contributed to the development of the industry and the Institute at their local or Branch level. The honour takes the form of a suitably framed scroll, setting out the accomplishments of the individual to be honoured. This gold medal was inaugurated by the 1956-1957 CIM Council as an award for distinguished or meritorious service, to the Institute or the mineral industry, of a nature not necessarily technical or scientific. It is patterned after the President’s Medal, being the same size and design, consisting of a framed gold medal and a plaque featuring an inscription relating to the recipient signed by the CIM President.

Current Winner(s)

Central District Distinguished Service Award

Betty Yi-Shing Lin

Toronto, ON
Betty Lin

East District Distinguished Service Award

Johanne Voyer

Johanne Voyer