John Starkey

John Starkey

In recognition of his remarkable contribution to comminution design and practice 

John Starkey is a Mining Engineer from U of T  with 15 years experience in mines and process plants, 15 years in process design, and 27 years as a Licensed Consulting Engineer.

His career included work at Kam Kotia, Kidd Creek, and INCO mines and mills.  He also worked at Kilborn for 12 years designing the Gays River, East Kemptville and Quintette process plants.

He invented and co-developed the SPI and SAGDesign tests which are both widely used in industry today for the measurement of ore hardness for AG and SAG mill designs.

John has presented thirty papers describing his work and progress in ore testing, and is a frequent lecturer globally at universities, teaching the fundamentals of AG/SAG grinding mill operation and design. 

His mission is to capture for clients, the rich benefits of SAG milling technology, to help them find the most economical way to grind their ore.

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