Vision & Mission

The CIM Underground Mining Society (UMS) and the Surface Mining Society were founded in 2011, through the amalgamation of four societies into two. The goal was to offer a more logical structure to better support the members of the CIM, as follows:

These societies:

  1. Metal Mining
  2. Coal and Industrial Minerals
  3. Oil Sands
  4. Innovative Mining Technology

Were amalgamated to:

  1. Underground Mining Society
  2. Surface Mining Society

It is the goal of the UMS to evolve in response to the needs of the industry and the interest of its members.

Major responsibilities of the UMS include:

  • Organizing MEMO (Maintenance Engineering – Mine Operators) Conferences, in conjunction with the Maintenance and Engineering Society, the hosting CIM branch, and CIM National.
  • Promote, chair, solicit papers for Technical Sessions at the CIM Conference and Exhibition
  • Administering awards and scholarship programs
  • Providing peer review of technical papers for publication
  • Promote mini conferences on specific topics of interest to UMS members

The objectives of the UMS are to:

  • Promoting and facilitating the exchange of information and data on all subjects related to the mining industry.
  • Educating the public on many aspects of the mining industry.
  • Promoting mining as a positive, growing and dynamic industry with many exciting opportunities.
  • Promoting the improvement of underground mining standards through peer review of technical papers, public and private industry presentations of technology, and best practice topics.
  • Encouraging individuals to join/stay in the mining industry through the award of scholarships.
  • Serving as a resource and support body to mine operating personnel, consulting engineers and designers, and suppliers of mine equipment.