CIM Community


CIM Community

CIM is a multi-faceted Institute comprised of a governing council, committees, technical societies, branches and student chapters. Our community of professionals dedicate their time and expertise to build relationships, set leading practices, share knowledge, advance our careers and support one another to ensure a prosperous industry.

CIM Executive Committee

The ExComm is responsible for leading strategic planning and developing and implementing business practices related to human resources within the CIM ecosystem.

CIM Council

CIM is governed by a Council that is responsible for representing branches and societies as well as the CIM organization as a whole.

President's Council

The President's Council provides guidance and advice to the sitting President in the spirit of collaboration and leadership continuity.


CIM societies are grouped by interest and expertise. They facilitate professional growth, knowledge-sharing and industry leading practices through conferences, university partnerships, workshops and publications.


Canadian Mineral Processors Society


Metallurgy & Materials Society


Management & Economics Society

Districts and branches

CIM districts and branches are organized by location. They are instrumental in strengthening local networks, improving technical skills, participating in conferences, publications and awards and supporting CIM student chapters.

Student Chapters

CIM student chapters take education beyond the classroom, giving students a chance to hone their networking skills and supporting the development of future industry leaders.


British Columbia Institute of Technology



Dalhousie University


McGill University



University of British Columbia



University of Saskatchewan


University of Toronto


CIM National Office

CIM headquarters are located in Montréal, Québec and supports the CIM community through events, trade shows, publications, websites, social media, partnerships and through the many services we provide our constituents.

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