The online community for mining professionals

CIM Link is the online community for mining professionals and students. It is a dedicated platform for CIM members to engage and discuss the happenings surrounding the minerals and metals industry.  

Here are five reasons why CIM Link is a great place to connect:

  1. Use the ‘Live Feed’ to share links, pictures, videos, news and ask questions.
  2. Use the ‘Discussions’ section to ask critical and controversial questions, and ask what others are doing to stay connected and engaged in this period of self-isolation.
  3. Connect with new or reconnect with old friends using the ‘People’ feature; all of CIM’s 10,000 members are on the platform.
  4. Build your personal profile, upload your work portfolio and resume; ask the community about career advice and how to improve your resume to land that dream job.
  5. Participate in your every Branch, Society and Student Chapter community group, where you can foster discussions, share content and plan new and unique ways to stay engaged; you can also upload working documents and technical papers, and pictures and videos from past events.

How to access CIM Link

CIM Link is the online community for mining professionals. To access CIM Link, you must first have a CIM National or Branch membership. If you already have a membership, click on the "go to CIM Link" button. Use the same login credentials that you use to access your “My Account” on the CIM website.

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How to join CIM Link

To join CIM Link, you must first have a CIM National or Branch membership, which you can purchase by clicking the Join button. After you have purchased a CIM membership, you will receive an email invitation to log into CIM Link for the first time.

Please note, Branch members without a CIM National membership will have limited access to CIM Link. We encourage you to purchase a CIM National membership to take full advantage of all the great features CIM Link has to offer.

Become a CIM Member

A CIM membership can help enhance your professional profile, develop your business network and build your company’s profile. The Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum offers multiple membership types, with different levels of engagement to meet any mining industry professional’s business needs and career goals.

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CIM is far more than a technical meeting, it’s a community.

Hani Mitri, Professor at McGill University and CIM Fellow