Keeping its members abreast of the latest industry developments and technical advancements has always been a priority for CIM. A key way in which CIM achieves this is through its publications, online technical paper library and Special Volumes. The cornerstones of the publications division are CIM Magazine, published eight times annually, and the CIM Journal, a quarterly peer-reviewed journal, both of which members receive for free as a benefit of membership.

Technical Resources

As The Community for Leading Industry Expertise, CIM offers many technical resources that help contribute to the international mining and material industry.

Industry Resources

CIM highlights areas of leading industry expertise in our Industry Resources. These sites — both internal and external to the CIM website — provide information and resources on a variety of special topics relevant to the mining industry including standards and guidelines for resources and reserves, safety, corporate social responsibility, and innovation.

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A CIM membership can help enhance your professional profile, develop your business network and build your company’s profile. The Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum offers multiple membership types, with different levels of engagement to meet any mining industry professional’s business needs and career goals.

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I've been with CIM since I was a student. CIM keeps me connected with the industry and my colleagues and up to speed on new developments. I'm very proud to be part of CIM.

Jeff Cassoff, Senior mining engineer and team leader, BBA and Montreal Branch Chair